Full Reading

To receive a full reading/healing session on thirteen questions of your choice please ask your questions below. Your full reading comes with four months of intuitive email coaching (one email consultation per month after) to help you come into greater alignment with your spirit. You will not be added to an email list, you will not receive spam, or marketing updates from me. The cost for this session is $1000. You will receive your reading after I receive your payment and questions.


*Your levels of commitment, honesty, intent, integrity and awareness determine the success of this work that we do together. Psychic readings and energy healing are not intended to replace normal legal or medical care. By using this service you agree to release the author and website owner from any perceived damages for any reason. All rights reserved. It may take up to two weeks to complete your reading/healing. Your patience is appreciated. No refunds are available as you pay for the time put in for you.