It Works! Multigenerational Emotional Clearing

img_7073“A rapid, effective, lasting way to resolve conflict, hurts, anger, misunderstandings and unresolved situations with anyone, in minutes, and they don’t even have to be present.  Break multigenerational patterns, heal relationship with mates, friends, parents, children, partners, bosses, employees,… anyone – dead or alive…… even the one you have with yourself.  Turn from anger and resentment to love and compassion.  Witness the ripple effects in your life. Heal yourself, loved ones and others.” ~ Dr. Sharon Forrest

Do you suffer from old hurts or traumas that continue to negatively affect you now? Have you noticed that you ruminate over these old unreleased and stored pains in your memory when ever they surface to get your attention? Do you see or feel that these old hurts are creating negative patterns in your emotions, thoughts and/or behaviour? Well, then this process can help you address these old wounds in a positive way so you can release them and create forgiveness.

In my life, most people I see fail to forgive old hurts and trauma for a couple of reasons. They either see their past hurts and traumas as too big to even process, or too small to even bother. In addition, many people make the mistake of thinking forgiveness means they are doing something nice for the person or people who hurt them, when actually forgiveness is all about doing something nice for YOU. When it comes to crimes, and particularly heinous acts of abuse, forgiveness doesn’t mean you are saying that crimes and abuse are okay, rather you are saying that YOU no longer want to be hurt by it any longer and are now empowered to move forwards with your life to create something better. Forgiveness isn’t about “them”… forgiveness is about YOU.

That brings us to another common reason people don’t want to forgive, which is that the person who needs forgiving is actually you. For example, can you forgive yourself for something you have done, or haven’t done, or for wishing life was different than it actually is? How about if you are wishing someone else was different than they actually are, and are actually giving them a hard time for thinking you are so holier than others. This is like when people say “I forgive you”, but what they really mean is ‘I’m better than you’ which is not real forgiveness at all.

Until such time comes that forgiveness can be created wounds get rehashed, feelings get felt over and over again, stories get retold, and unwanted life patterns get repeated. And so, the emotions we don’t want to face or deal with get stuffed and packed away again and again, as common everyday psychological triggers cause them to resurface.

Each time these emotional wounds get triggered is an opportunity to look deeply, feel your feelings and then release them permanently with a solution for all involved bringing often miraculous win-win situations; however, most frequently, emotionally stuffing our feelings back into the body memory only brings the promise of repetitive and chronic unconscious patterns of manifestation, disease, and more of the same low-grade suffering we have come to get used to. We wonder why our life isn’t changing or improving the way we want it or expect it to. We wonder why the so-called magic of manifestation isn’t working for us, and seems to be working against us, if it works for us at all.

An encouraging thought from modern day psychology is to know that it is not what happened to us that creates a trauma (something hurtful we experience that we don’t have the skills to cope with), but rather how capable we are in our reaction to react to it, because we don’t have the knowledge, skills or life experience to process it healthfully at the time. That means that something small like losing your bike could be traumatic, AND something really devastating like enduring chronic abuse can also be traumatic. The size or scope or type of event is not what creates a trauma. It’s not “them”. It’s not what happened. It is your reaction, or rather lack of ability at the time to rationally and safely process what happened that results in a trauma; therefore, forgiveness is not about the other people or person involved, or the thing you lost, or the time wasted or physical, emotional or spiritual hurts endured; rather, forgiveness is about bringing your now mature self, with new knowledge, experience and capacity to heal to past instances you could not handle at that time, for healing.

If you cannot forgive past hurts and find it difficult, because you don’t have the skills, awareness and maturity to do so, engaging a practice of forgiveness from a professional healer can be enormously beneficial, because then you get the benefits of other people’s lineages of wisdom, experience and training often handed down for generations without having to do all the hard work yourself. This way you can focus on relaxing the most you can and releasing old emotions in an authentic comfortable way which is difficult to do for many people.

Working with a practitioner to achieve forgiveness allows you to enjoy your life more, clear out old patterns, and use your emotional energy to create better things in your life that your heart truly and deeply desires.

The standard process involves a long list of questions and honest answers. Such as going to a time when you felt hurt and then asking yourself what do you feel, what do you want to do to the person who hurt you, and what do you really want and need. Lots of time is given to receiving love and healing energy and visualizing the healing experience of the other person. This allows you to come to your own understanding and healing from your own point of view.

This powerful healing tool was created by Dr. Sharon Forrest who was thrown onto a fire under the orders of her own mother at the age of four. If this tool can help her generate forgiveness then the It Works! Multigenerational Emotional Clearing technique can work for you too.

Ultimately, the purpose of the process of emotional clearing will be to remove any conscious or unconscious emotional blocks to complete that journey back into effective relationships one step at a time. Since your life is based on a cascade of feelings, thoughts and actions, when you shift your feelings, your thoughts and actions also change. Thusly, this powerful healing modality has the capacity to change your entire life, by helping you interrupt the patterns of unhelpful, stuck and looping emotions.

While in South America an ayahuasca shaman I was working with even commented that he had worked on a victim of torture for years and could not get him to heal and wanted to know what I had done to him in order to get him to heal in just a short few hours. What did I do? I did It Works! Multigenerational Emotional Clearing. You don’t have to be one of those people with recurring stuck unwanted unconscious emotional patterns affecting your thoughts and behaviours. You can release those emotions and be free. There are not many practitioners of this healing in the world, so I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to become a better vision of yourself. To make it accessible to anyone who is ready to heal I offer this healing modality by phone or Skype. The process takes approximately two hours. To start your journey through multigenerational emotional clearing, please fill in the form below and I will get back to you by email to arrange your session. You will not be added to an email list, you will not receive spam or marketing updates from me. The cost for this session is $200.



*Your levels of commitment, honesty, intent, integrity and awareness determine the success of this work that we do together. Psychic readings and energy healing are not intended to replace normal legal or medical care. By using this service you agree to release the author and website owner from any perceived damages for any reason. All rights reserved. No refunds, as your money covers the amount of time I have to spend in healing prayer and meditation for you which is approximately two hours.